best value for money?


Fame – Winspace 2 G
Groupset – Shimano GRX 600
Wheelset – Winspace Gravel tubeless ready
Tyres – Teravail Cannonball 42mm
Weight – 8,5 kg

Winspace 2G Gravel. Not a well know name in the gravel community in Europe, but if they keep up this good work. They soon will be.
I was contacted by Winspace a couple of weeks ago. Could I please post a couple of pics on Instagram and do them a favour. Sure, why not? We are always keen to showcase new products. After a couple of emails we decided that it would be a bit more efficient top have a demo bike here and give it a couple of miles on our beloved Northern European Gravel. A short agreement was signed and a couple of days later, I had a candy blue carbon frame and carbon gravel hoops to go with it. Winspace has various colours online, from black to a brighter Mullet decor, that was a bit too bright for my taste. Both frame and wheels came very well packed. The wheel set was delivered with spare spokes, the frame set came with all of the fittings for both DI2 and mechanical group sets. A spare rear hanger and seat clamp topped off the service package very well. The frame set was delivered with a carbon 31.6 seat post.

Versitile and lightweight.

8,5 kg with carbon hoops

Assembly of an unknown frame can often cause procrasternation and illness amoungst mechanics, the idea of getting internal cables through an unknown frame can often be a nightmare. Winspace never fails too surprise. The internal linings where perfectly fitted in the frame. The gear cables went through like ´plug n´play` the hydraulic GRX housing was not any different.
The carbon hoops don´t need tape to seal the rim and the wheel set came fitted with tubeless ready valves. After two hours the complete bike was ready to go out on it´s maiden voyage through the woods of Hamburg. Equipped with GRX 600 2 x 11 and Ritchey Venture max cockpit. The bike has a total weight of 8,5 kg. with Teravail 42mm cannonballs.
I have never ridden carbon tubeless rims on a gravel bike, the experience is a game changer. The smooth cannonballs and minimal rolling resistance including the awesome excelaration was unforgetable. Over the last couple of weeks I have spent a lot of time on alloy gravel bikes, so I was expecting a difference, just not like this. The first couple of kilometers where on tarmac and through the city to get out town. The performance on the road was great, fast and agile. Hitting the gravel was the same..a pleasure. The wheels stuck in the corners, climbing and single tracks were pure bliss, fast light and everything you need and all the time I was thinking this complete bike costs the same as a frame set from some of the big hitters. It has carbon hoops and puts 8,5 kg on the scale. Need I say more.
Over the next couple of days I took the Winspace 3G out for a couple of shorter spins. It was so much fun even if I only had less than an hour before work.

Lets take a look at the details…
The frame and fork is full carbon, all cables are neatly hidden in the frame. The frame is delivered with a carbon seat post, The fork has side mounts for bike packing and the frame has enough fittings for water bottles cages if you decide to take a larger frame bag on your journey, all you do is mount the water bottles a bit lower. The rear triangle has an unusual design. From a designer perspective I presume the idea is too add some comfort.
Now we add it all up.. The performance on both road and tarmac is excellent. The Winspace is as rigid and comfortable as some of the big names on the market. It comes with all of the extras you need for bike packing. The total weight is 8,5 kg and equipped with GRX 600 the price will land you at about €3200,00