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Pearl Gravel SL - Teravail Cannonball Review

Teravail Cannonball Testride – Cross the Black Forest

Three wonderful cycling days in one the most beautiful regions in Germany.

The planning for this short trip already start on my bikepacking tour during the summer. I was on a bikepacking tour in the Alps and Dolomites and I’ve started in Freiburg and the first kilometers led me through the Black Forest. I’ve left the Black Forest on the south side and decided to come back again to see more of this fantastic Gravel Roads.


Versitile carbon with the best tyres!

Once a journey ends, the planning started

After my big bikepacking Tour I felt like I had not enough Gravel time. Gravel means always adventure and freedom for me. No big plans for kilometers, because you never know what will happen on the track today. This was the point where I’ve decided to plan my next route mostly in MTB mode on Komoot and the location – the Black Forest – was already fix 😉

But to ride mostly on MTB routes, I need other tires!

During the summer I’ve used the mainstream Schwalbe G-One in 35mm. The tires are very good in a mixed tour-mode. Good on asphalt, good on gravel, but only ok on trails. So I went to my trusted bike dealer and ask for some recommendations. Over the last years I rode with 28mm Continental Grand Prix nearly everything, but now I want to start more adventure tours in a territory where a Mountainbike would be better. My local bike dealer showed the Teravail Cannonball in 47mm to me and I give it a try.

I’ve bought a ticket to Freiburg im Breisgau for end of September and this is where the journey begins …

Distance is not everything

As I’ve said I’ve planned my routes in MTB mode on Komoot to find the best Forest Highways and Trails. The start was in the center of Freiburg and after only 15 kilometers I was already in the middle of the wild Black Forest.

Now the moment is come for the first practical test of my new Teravail Cannonball in 47mm.

Directly after entering the forest, it starts with climbs on muddy paths. This was the first time I know why so many Gravel riders choose the bigger weapons. The wider tires with the profile on the edges, provide a real good grip in the mud. On the first decent in the woods, I felt much more secure and could ride faster.

It becomes very interesting when my track led me on a small trail on a slope. These are the situations, where I would have turned around with my old tires. Of cause, it was slippery when I was crossing tree roots, but only for one or two centimeters. Then the Teravail Cannonball connect to the ground immediately.

Later the day I was returning back on the Road to find a Hotel for the night. After the day in the woods I was surprised how fast the tires are on the asphalt. The smoother middle part of the tire has only a really small profile, this makes the tires fast on the roads.

The higher Part of the Black Forest

On my second day I want to ride in the upper Black Forest. My day starts on the Road, for the first 22 km I had asphalt under the wheels. Nice Switchbacks bring me up before I turn back into the Forest! The perfect Forest Highways bring me to the Komoot Highlight of the day, the Ellbachseeblick.

For me an approved procedure: plan your route from A to B (in my case MTB mode) and choose a few highlights from the Komoot map to make your trip a little bit nicer. First I was thinking about being effective and collect kilometers, but Gravel Cycling and bikepacking for me is so much more. I take my time and want to discover new places and collect memories instead of kilometers.

After that I ride on the Mountains through the higher part of the Black Forest and the track was mostly Gravel and Trails, this is what we love. Empty Forest Roads without fences and views you can only have when you are cycling with your Gravel Bike through the woods.

Last day – Gravel extreme and Road to Heidelberg

Like the day before I’ve started my trip on the Road, but after only 2 km it goes back into the forest. The first place I want to visit was the Bernstein on one of the highest Mountains in the Black Forest. The Bernstein was only 25 km away, but this were one of the hardest 25 km I’ve ever did.

First: It was getting colder and colder. The sun from the days before weren’t seen yet and I was about 700m high. But after 2 hours and 30 min I was reaching the Bernstein and the sun comes out to say hello. The Tracks around the Bernstein are mostly dry Brooks with stones, so riding was not possible at every time.

After descending from the last mountain, it was a more or less a ride without vertical meters. The last 60 km from Karlsruhe to Heidelberg there where empty Forest Highways through the woods, nearly 90% free from cars and roads. A perfect surrounding to collect kilometers with my Gravel Bike and with my Teravail Cannonball.

It was already dark when I was reaching Heidelberg and this was a perfect time to ride into the city.

Collection auf Komoot

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A Bikepacking Tour in the Black Forest is not just a recommendation, it’s a thing for your Bucket List! I discovered just a small part of it and I know there is a lot more to discover. The Teravail Cannonball is – for me – the perfect match to ride with your Gravel Bike on MTB Trails and to collect a few kilometers on the Roads. Not too hardcore for asphalt and a loyal companion in the woods.