elegant simple shifting..

The Classified Rig!
Ridley Kanzo Fast carbon frame equipped with Shimano GRX Di2, Rotor Vergast cranks and Classified carbon wheels.
Classified wheelset with carbon rims. €2490,00

Is there an alternative for the front derailleur, offering the same functionality while getting rid of all the downsides? After 7 years of development, we introduce POWERSHIFT technology: a wireless 2 speed shifting system, integrated in the rear hub, allowing you to change gears in a split second, under full load and on any terrain.

I am going to make this short and simple. Classified was kind enough to send me test bike fully equipped with a set of their carbon wheels. The frame was a Ridley Kanzo fast which was awesome, a little bit stiff, but you don´t purchase a fast aero carbon rig expecting comfort. The Di2 GRX was perfect, a really cool ride.
The Classified hub itself works like a dream. The shifting is exact, quite and really fast, fitting for the rest of the bike. But to be honest I am biast towards any form of energy being transmitted through a rear hub. I cant help but feel that as soon as the Classified is activated, that a bit of energy is being lost through the hub. Not a much as a traditional rear 7 speed Nexus, but more than with a regular chain and sprocket drive chain.
It looks cool and works very well. For the time being I would advize the use only for recreational use. It is light makes an easy ride, but I don´t see pros using this any time soon. This all being said, I only had the test bike for a couple of days and I did´nt get to on longer rides with the hub, so I am not going hand out a verdict at this point.
I´ll be getting a set of wheels soon and plan to set it up with a power meter to do some proper testing with actual data points, that in comparison with watts should give me the info that I want.
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