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Factor LS

Carry speed not weight!

“Factor has a tradition of naming bikes honoring influential persons or events in my journey through the cycling world. For example, the ONE is for ONE Pro Cycling, the first team Factor Bikes ever sponsored. Tying in pieces making up Factor’s history, I feel is part of Factor’s ‘no-BS’, genuine nature. Stepping into the gravel scene with the LS, I chose to name the bike after someone who lived the ethos of gravel long before gravel became popular. Larry Shahboz put me on my first race bike and gave me my first job at a bike shop. He welcomed and created a space for other “misfits” who loved bikes, and supported a long list of up and coming athletes. Gravel is founded in the principle of community and welcoming all even as it becomes an authority in racing. Larry created a community in the South Florida cycling scene, simply through his love of cycling. While he may not be here to witness the emergence of the welcoming gravel scene, I know he would have fully embraced and loved its core values based in community.”

Rob Gitelis
Owner, Factor Bikes


ultralight Pencil stays and 42mm clearance

Unapologetically, the LS is built to conquer whether it’s soaring over the unforgiving Midwest rollers, prevailing through red clay, or overcoming the notorious Flint Hills.
The LS is optimized around 40 to 43 mm tires and is compatible with both 1x and 2x electronic and mechanical shifting.
With shorter seat stays and refined steering trail, racers maintain the ability to react in a heartbeat to the often unpredictable dirt road conditions while still running tires with appropriate volume for fast riding on rough gravel.











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