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First look: Yoeleo G21 Gravel / all-road adventure bike
The G21 is a gravel bike introduced by Yoeleo in early 2022. This bike is purposely made to accommodate gravel riders with its versatility for gravel or long-distance ride.
You might not be very familiar with the Yoeleo brand, especially when you are a purely gravel rider. It is because their existence for more than a decade was mostly focused on developing reliable roadbike’s wheels and framesets, they are recently sponsoring team which compete at highest level of bike race.
Yoeleo has released a carbon gravel bike previously, G2 and G1. The G21 is more versatile than its predecessor, becoming the successor of G1, which does not have a similar clearance and carrying capacity. G21 comes with mounts for various racks, mudguards, and cages for more adventure capability. The G21 geometry is more relaxed, much like an endurance road bike, with a 71.6- degree headtube angle, 43.3cm chainstay, 7.8cm bottom bracket drop, and a 109cm wheelbase on a size 52. Yoeleo is bringing the G21 development towards a more adventurous gravel bike. Here is link to their Geometry table Carbon Gravel Frame – Disc Brake Gravel Bike Frame (
G21, with a 980-gram frame, combined with a 420-gram fork and 204-gram seat post weight, is still considered to be a lightweight carbon gravel bike. Even though it might not be the lightest out there, it still has a sub 1kg frame, which is pretty lightweight for a gravel bike.
Yoeleo implemented EPS with latex technology in this frame. You must be wondering what EPS with latex technology is. EPS with latex is one kind of new technology to produce carbon frames. The EPS process allows manufacturers to make carbon frames in one piece and make the frame lighter and stronger. The EPS process increases rigidity and safeness while at the same time suppressing the overall weight of the frame. Increased compaction will make a more rigid frame, which allows the riders to have greater control of the bike, thus increasing energy efficiency for the rider due to frame flex laterally. The EPS process will eliminate extra and unnecessary materials for our carbon frames while the compaction of carbon layers is optimized; this means the overall weight will be significantly less than frames made by older or different methods. This process also eliminates small imperfections that traditional frames created from production methods. These imperfections are often the causes of structural failure, and they will increase the risk for riders.
Like any other Yoeleo frameset product, G21 has a one-piece stem-handlebar combination, namely the H21, an integrated handlebar for gravel-specific bikes. H21 handlebar is built for fully internal cable setup, hiding the cable inside the carbon fiber structure. However, there are holes for cable exit at the middle bottom of the handlebar for those who want to build their bike using an external cable setup. G21 handlebar also comes with a cycling computer mount underside the bar. The handlebar has a 15-degree sweep for a more comfortable and better control position during the ride on the rough surface. It has various options for the stem length starting from 80, 90, 100, 110mm in combination with 400, 420, 440mm handlebar width center to center (on-hood).
The frame tubes are designed not in an aero foiled shape. Yoeleo makes the tubing in an almost round shape for better stiffness and rigidity at the minimum material used. With a D-shaped seat post for more compliance, both wheels are locked using standard Thru-Axel mechanism lock and unlock using a standard Allen key.

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