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If you want to win a Gravel race, this is the bike for you. This is the off-road DOGMA.

The versatile GREVIL F is ready for anything. It can accommodate any kind of wheel or tyre combination, adapting to your every need, giving you the freedom to push the limits and compete with yourself.

Even off road, aerodynamics count. Every watt saved brings you closer to victory, so the GREVIL F’s design puts a major focus on aerodynamics and rigidity. If you want to triumph on every terrain, this is the bike for you. This is the off-road DOGMA.

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RONDO Gravel

check out Rondos collection of cool grinders.



The Ruut range was born from the need to have a REALLY versatile bike. One that would be comfortable enough for backpacking and long distance riding, but at the same time would retain a clearly sporty character. At Rondo we are all competitive guys – we ride fast, we race – but we don’t need a bike for the CX World’s. What we want from a drop bar bike is to be able to go long, and go fast, especially on rough roads. So, after over two years of development, we came up with a tool that we believe is the ultimate solution for real-world riders.

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Since 2014 we’ve been exploring the frontiers of Asia. From roads high in the Himalayas to the remote tracks of Kyrgyzstan we’ve ridden tons of kilometres in search of that “escape”.

Frontier outlook is our DNA and drives our design philosophy. Our bikes incorporate the progressive trends in cycling while maintaining a reliability and sensibleness that is essential for the frontiers.

We are proudly a small brand based in China. Being here not only affords us access to an amazing array of terrains in our extended backyard but also allows us to develop strong relationships with world class manufacturing partners to produce some kick arse bikes.

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3T Racemax Ekar back in stock

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Long before gravel riding became popular, we decided we wanted to ride faster & farther on any terrain. The resulting 3T Exploro was the first to combine road speed and mountain toughness, so you can race through the smooth sections and crush the rough stuff. Total freedom at last!
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discover Bomtracks wide range of bikes from steel too carbon


Gravel & Allroad
Each model in Gravel range is built with versatility and durability in mind. Pick your ride and hit the trail..
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Cinelli King Zydeko

Shimano GRX 600 1 x 11


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Custom Gravel Bikes from Festka


If you want to have one bike for tarmac and gravel, this is it. Instead of creating a clunky SUV we designed a rally machine. Fast and nimble, light and handling impeccably.
Crossing parts that work brilliantly elsewhere, Rover‘s main triangle is composed of tubes designed for our Spectre and Scalatore models. The chainstays are specific to this model as this part must cope with extra pressure on rougher surfaces.
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OPEN Gravel

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At OPEN, our motto is “working hard to stay small”. We’ve done the “big company” thing, and it was time for something different. So we design the bikes we want to ride ourselves, we produce them, sell them to like-minded people and that’s it.
Staying small forces us to focus on what matters: Product development, taking care of customers (shops and consumers), and not much else. No sponsorships, no marketing, no flashy offices; we simply don’t have the time for any of that.
So if the simplicity of nice bikes, nice rides, nice company and nothing else are what you’re after too, join us at OPEN.
Andy & Gerard
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PEARL´s versitile selection of Gravel Bikes


Endless Gravel Fun.. Welcome to our range of bespoke gravel bikes. We offer an alloy and carbon frame that can both be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our gravel frames fit both 650b and 700c tyres. Fenders and carriers can also be mounted for any back packing adventure. Choose a colour and contact us or a local dealer and get your custom Gravel bike shipped to your doorstep.
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Factor LS

the Ultra light Race Gravelgrinder!


“Factor has a tradition of naming bikes honoring influential persons or events in my journey through the cycling world. For example, the ONE is for ONE Pro Cycling, the first team Factor Bikes ever sponsored. Tying in pieces making up Factor’s history, I feel is part of Factor’s ‘no-BS’, genuine nature. Stepping into the gravel scene with the LS, I chose to name the bike after someone who lived the ethos of gravel long before gravel became popular. Larry Shahboz put me on my first race bike and gave me my first job at a bike shop. He welcomed and created a space for other “misfits” who loved bikes, and supported a long list of up and coming athletes. Gravel is founded in the principle of community and welcoming all even as it becomes an authority in racing. Larry created a community in the South Florida cycling scene, simply through his love of cycling. While he may not be here to witness the emergence of the welcoming gravel scene, I know he would have fully embraced and loved its core values based in community.”
Rob Gitelis
Owner, Factor Bikes
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A very cool selection of really steel gravel Bikes.
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RS Cycles Brusca

get a cutom rig handmade in Spain


If you are looking for something that you will not find on every corner, this is your bike. The is no complete bike price. We can only offer framesets for €2500,00 Handmade in Spain.
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Currently one of our favourites. Carbon frame with wheels and a GRX 600 with a complete weight of 8,5kg € 3190,00
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